Scuba Diving & Snorkelling


The reefs off the Bilene Coastline have barely been dived and are thus undiscovered, unexplored and untouched. They portray an unusual rock-like structure, that can only be compared with a vision of a crack in the earth’s surface. Some of these rocky walls stretch for kilometers and form drop offs and pinnacles in excess of 15metres. A large variety of reef fish, Moray Eels, Stringrays and Pelagic fish, call this serene abyss their home. Diving season in Mozambique knows no limits, as the water temperature seldom drops below 26 degrees celsius.  During the months between August and October, we offer whale watching tours. To those of you that are lucky enough to experience a life changing sight, you may have the opportunity to catch logger-head or leather back turtles in the act of laying their eggs under the full moon on the beach, between the months of November to January.


Furthermore, the Pangea Adventure Centre has taken the initiative in creating the first protected, Artificial Reef & Marine Reserve of its kind. Bilene is one of 2 places in Southern Africa that plays host to the breeding grounds of the extremely endangered, Giraffe Sea Horse in the estuary. This being said, we are working in association with Padi Project Aware to restore the balance in the population of both fish species and these precious sea horses. We offer travelers the once in a lifetime unique opportunity to unite and be a part of this cause by contributing in the construction and development of the artificial reef.


Pangea is also a PADI Resort and we offer continued diving education up to dive master level. At Pangea we also have an array of Padi specialties to teach as well as Discover Scuba Diving courses. The resort has a special diving pool for training purposes.